Comedian Kevin Hart Actor Director Producer Writer.

Comedian Kevin Hart Actor Director Producer Writer.

Kevin HART – actor, artist, Comedy scenes, writer, producer and owner of a great sense of humor. In America, he is more known as a comedian. World popularity as a talented actor. He captivates the audience with its irony and charm.

Despite his young age, HART’s rich filmography. He starred in 32 films and has produced 4 paintings and wrote 3 scenarios.

Actor four times became the winner of the award as NBA valuable player “of the Match, celebrities”.


Biography of Kevin HART.

HART was born in Philadelphia in 1979 on 6 July. Mother raised him alone. Father left the family when the boy was very young. To support the mother and not upset her, he was a good student and was always a diligent behavior. At age 16 he successfully passed the exams in the University temple, but after two years dropped out. The reason was an acute shortage of money in the family. To feed Kevin went to work as a salesman in a Shoe store. However, the prospect of a lifetime to stand behind the counter wasn’t attracted to him. He wanted to bring joy to people, to amuse them. HART began attending various auditions, and in 2001 fortune smiled on him. The guy said the leaders of the “undecided” and offered to play a cameo role. After this debut, it drew the attention of other producers, and life changed dramatically. In 2002, the actor appeared in the movie “Paper soldiers”. His character played in the film one of the key roles. After screenings of the film, HART became famous and gained a lot of fans. Next year, the premiere of “scary movie”, which according to the actor was a turning point in his film career. In 2008 in hire there was a film with Kevin HART, “fool’s Gold”. After a year he released his Comedy show, which the artist had dreamed of since childhood. A couple of years premiere of the second TV show HART, which was attended by the stars of the NBA. The actor continues to star in Comedy projects, participate in television broadcasts and to please their fans.

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Personal life Kevin HART.

In 2003, the actor has tied the knot of legal marriage with Torrei HART. Two years later they had a daughter Heaven Hart in 2007, Torre gave wife son Hendrix. The family was strong and happy, but in 2010 there was a rift in the relationship. In 2011, Kevin has officially divorced his wife. For a long time, he was a bachelor, dedicated to his job and interacting with the children. In 2016, the newly found love in the person of enachi HART and married her. The couple is still together, however, the actor did not forget about the children and spends a lot of time with them.


Latest news about Kevin Hart.

In 2016, HART starred in two films and voiced Snow rabbit in the cartoon “the secret life of Pets”. Success was in the role of Barber in the film “Mission to Miami.” The second film – “Half of the spy,” also became a hit the box office. In 2017, the actor was invited to play a key character in the adventure film “Jumanji: a jungle”. Russian premiere will be held in December. In addition, Kevin is involved in the filming of “Untouchables.” The film should be released in 2018.

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